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Anderson Reporting: A Game-Changing Firm



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The court reporting industry has a long and rich history. For hundreds of years now, court reporting has been a crucial aspect of any trial or deposition. Before these litigation professionals came to be a standard member in the court, attorneys had to rely on their memory to form a report of what transpired in the court room, and we all know just how fleeting our memory can be. Court reporters take that struggle away from the already swamped attorney and makes their lives easier—putting together a highly accurate and neat transcript that can be reviewed time and time again.

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As technology has changed and adapted, so has the world of court reporting. Court reporting has become far more than just recording the happenings of a court room, and some court reporting firms are having a hard time keeping up.

Gayle Anderson saw this happening first-hand. Thirty years ago, Gayle Anderson watched attorneys and paralegals come to court reporting firms with needs that couldn’t be fulfilled. It wasn’t because the individuals at these firms weren’t skilled, it was because the firms themselves were not staying up to date with the latest trends in technology.

Determined to provide attorneys and paralegals with the legal services they require to form the most successful depositions and cases, Gayle Anderson went off on her own to form Anderson Reporting. Since opening the firm, Anderson’s Columbus court reporters have gained wild repute across Ohio and the entirety of the United States for not only their quality court reporting services, but each and every one of their litigation services. With Anderson Reporting, attorneys and paralegals can schedule a court reporter, legal videographer, a trial presentation service, or a media writing solutions service (just to name a few).

“Anderson Reporting really changed the game when it comes to court reporting,” Brandon Bell, a legal expert from O’Fallon, Illinois, says. “Instead of following the crowd and letting the problems with the industry continue, Gayle Anderson set a new standard of court reporting and litigation service.”

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In hope to make this same difference across the entire world, Anderson teamed up with four other court reporting firms to form the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). The NNRC puts forth a standard of speed, accuracy, efficiency, and customer service that brings clients back time and time again. Members must go through and arduous vetting process to be accepted into the ranks. Now with dozens of court reporting firms across the globe, attorneys can come to the NNRC and schedule a service anywhere with confidence that the service will deliver everything they need and more.

Anderson Reporting’s entire purpose of formation was to provide clients with more. Busy attorneys need ease of booking. Busy attorneys need all their resources in one place. Busy attorneys need professionals that will be there to help them through every one of their needs. With Gayle Anderson’s professionals at Anderson Reporting, legal professionals know they are in good hands.

For more information on Anderson Reporting, call (624) 326-0177, email, or visit their offices.

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