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Meet Charles Cady of Cady Reporting



In Ohio, there are plenty of court reporting and litigation firms for attorneys and paralegals to choose from. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, but few stack up as a top firm like Cady Reporting Services, Inc. For over 35 years, Cady Reporting has proved to be one of the top sources for Cleveland court reporters and litigation services.

It is one thing to be a longstanding firm that offers talented and timely court reporters. It is another thing to be firm that has left their mark on the world by offering professionals with years of experience who specialize in a number of legal fields to provide their clients with the best service. The world of law is fast-paced and stressful. It is important for law professionals to find a firm that fulfills as many legal needs as possible. This is why Cady Reporting offers a full range of litigation services—videoconferencing, trial presentation, subpoena service, conference rooms, and all the latest equipment in videography. With these services, Cady Reporting has made a name for themselves as a leader in Cleveland’s legal video industry.

The Man Behind the Firm

Charles (Chuck) Cady, owner of Cady Reporting. Credit: NNRC

Speed, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness are aspects of the business that owner Charles (Chuck) Cady has established as the foundation of his firm. It’s no wonder, given that he has won the Ohio Cup for Court Reporting Speed and Accuracy three times. Mr. Cady is fully aware just how demanding the field of litigation is, and he presses punctuality and proactiveness upon his employees to ensure the satisfaction of clients. Cady Reporting is there to make the lives of their clients easier by acting as “an extension of [the law firm’s] office.” When court reporting firms work efficiently, lawyers work more efficiently, and that leads to more successful cases.

“…attitude is king,” Chuck Cady says, “Do it happily and be willing to go the extra mile.”

To learn more about the firm and their services, call (216) 861-9270 or visit

Western Reserve Building, 1468 West 9th Street, Suite 440, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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