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New Ohio Court Reporting Profiles



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Ohio Court Reporters is pleased to announce the latest addition to our directory of court reporters. This website is dedicated to providing the legal professionals of Ohio a comprehensive directory of the best court reporting firms in the state. The firms featured here provide their clients fast and efficient court reporters, high quality videography, and the best of the best in any other litigation support services a client may need. The latest addition to this directory belong to the cities of Akron and Cincinnati.

Since 1975, Court Reporters, Inc has served the Akron area with quality and diligent court reporting professionals. With over four decades of experience, this firm has seen first hand how the world of court reporting has changed over the years and has adapted to better serve their clients. No matter which litigation support service a client books, they can expect responsive service each and every time.

Legal professionals in Cincinnati have come to expect the incredible work that the staff at Blair Reporting Services puts forth. Founder Janie L. Blair carefully chose her staff with a fine-toothed comb, allowing her to find the best court reporters in the Cincinnati area. No matter the case size, the people at Blair Reporting approach each case with the same attention to detail and care.

For the best court reporting firms across Ohio, follow our publications here on Ohio Court Reporters. The court reporters we feature are proven to make a positive impact on your case, allowing you to work with confidence.

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