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Remote Depositions and Court Reporting Services in Cleveland, Ohio



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With the push for everyone to work from home as much as possible, attorneys are forced to adapt to this difficult change. In many cases, this is easier said than done, but a lot of an attorney’s work is contingent on meetings with partners, co-counsel, witnesses, and clients. From home, these meetings can be difficult to have. In this instance, emails just don’t cut it. Conference calls can be difficult, as people try to speak over one another, and voices can melt together. Seeing one another “face-to-face” is the best way for attorneys and their legal teams to have constructive conversation.

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Across the state, Ohio court reporters are finding ways to adapt to the sudden shift in their client’s needs. The firms that deal with this change the best are the firms that already had a variety of services and top-tier technology at their disposal. The Cleveland court reporters at Cady Reporting are among those quality professionals. For nearly 40 years, Cady Reporting has served the attorneys of Cleveland and the surrounding area with the attention to detail and care for their work that really makes them stand our. As a family-owned firm, the staff at Cady Reporting takes pride in their name and treats their clients with customer service that only reflects positively on their name.

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Skilled professionals and quality service are only a portion of what makes a great court reporting firm. Another piece of that pie is up-to-date technology. When a court reporting firm only utilizes technology that is just about as old as the firm itself, their litigation support services suffer. While they might have the most skilled professionals on their staff, if their reporting technology can’t keep up, then the work will suffer. At Cady Reporting, clients can expect the best technology for their cases.

“Cady Reporting takes care of every last detail and leaves nothing to chance,” one satisfied client says. “They deliver prompt accurate transcripts with excellent service from their beautiful facilities.”

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This extends all the way to their videoconferencing services— a service that is even more important now than ever before. Cady Reporting utilizes the best technology in the business to ensure that their clients can be seen and heard no matter where they are in the world, all on a secure server. When attorneys schedule a videoconferencing service through Cady Reporting, they can be confident that all their information is as secure as can be.

These remote depositions can even call upon the help of Cady Reporting’s stellar court reporters. If attorneys want a transcript of the remote legal proceedings, they can schedule a court reporter who can record the legal proceedings from the comfort of their home.

For more information on Cady Reporting, call (216) 861-9270, toll free (888) 624-2239 (CADY), email, or fill out this contact form.

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